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A GREAT IDEA, not the <yawn> sort of meeting that most expect.





"I felt you and your staff were very entertaining for our group. The flow of activities was very good, the quality of the game we played, team sleuths was excellent and (hard) at times, but lots of fun. This type of entertainment was totally different for these guys, but the majority liked the team building projects and overall we had a lot of fun. Thank you for a great time and making our nighttime entertainment a lot of fun for all."


- Tammy Adams, Purchasing Manager,
Home City Ice Co.


Team Sleuths

The robbery money was recovered in Santa Fe. John Dough's body is outside a cave in a cactus patch. The cause of death... UNKNOWN. By using interactive games, teams race against time and each other to earn clues to reveal... WHODUNIT?


You Said What?

An interactive WORK drama, which will prove to be MUCH more fun and informative than the "everyday" stuff. YOU SAID WHAT? will have your staff listening, watching, and having fun at the same time, all the while they are working to discover.. WHODUNIT?


Reindeer Games

EVERYONE loves a holiday mystery! Add a dash of Reindeer GAMES to your work group, and the mystery solvers will be entranced. Gee, how about working in TEAMS to figure this out. Sure, everyone can help... figure out WHODUNIT???




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